Is it Possible to Become a Millionaire Trading Forex?

A lot of people today have a dream to become a millionaire because of media, advertising and TV. People see the lives of celebrities and millionaires, and they want to have the same lifestyle. The most popular question I receive from the date I started trading forex is: Is it Possible to Become a Millionaire Trading Forex???

The reality is that, YES, you can. But it is not easy like you see on internet advertising and media. Yes, you can be a millionaire trading forex. If you start small, say with just $5,000, and make 10% of your capital each month, after 5 years, you will indeed be a millionaire.
Yes, if you make just 10% of your capital each month, you can be millionaire. You can count and verify whether I’m right or not. You can start with $5K, and in 5 years, you will be millionaire. If you start with $10K, you can be in 4 years, and if you start with $100K, you will be in 2 years.

With just 10% a month, you can fulfil your dream. Think about it. In any other industry, you can’t start with $5K and be a millionaire in a few years, but in the forex market, yes, you can. If you like to trade forex because you think you can be millionaire overnight or in a week or month, please exit NOW because you will lose all your money and may also lose your t-shirt. If someone tells you that, yes, you can, he just wants to scam you and take your money.

Brokers always hide this reality and tell you stories about doubling your money overnight. They prefer for you to lose your money to them as soon as possible because if you follow the correct way for a few years, they won’t see any substantial profit from you. Over the course of several years, you’ll be the one pocketing the true profits! This is, of course, not in their best interest because 90% of brokers are just market makers and have no relation with the market and banks. They just create a virtual market for you and let you trade, and they make money when you lose. And they lose when you make money. For them, their interest is to make you lose as soon as possible then they try to motivate you to add more funds to your account and lose your funds more and more.

If you really you want to be a millionaire in the forex market, please forget about making money easily. You cannot make a cold cash in forex market because that doesn’t exist. Yyou will need time to learn how to trade forex, develop a strategy with 60% probability to win or more, learn money management, and take your time and start trading just on a demo account. Be patient, please. Trade for 3 months on a demo account. If you can have success on a demo account, then you can go and open a real account and start real trading. If you can’t have success on a demo account, then something is not right, maybe your strategy or you don’t respect money management rules. After you know the error, please correct it and then restart trading on a demo account until you start seeing recurring success.

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